Frequenty Asked Questions

Product Questions

Which Calia shampoo/cond combo is best for my hair?
We get so many queries about this subject so we’ll try to simplify it as much as possible.
Normal hair and scalp conditions (not too oily or dry) - The Hydrating Formulas generally work the best. If you have any aversion to a mild fragrance, the unscented Moisturizing formulas would be the choice as it has no fragrance.
Dry hair and dry, itchy scalp – While all our hair products will likely be a huge improvement on whatever you are currently using, this is where the Balancing formulas can really help. The Moroccan Cedarwood oil in the Balancing is great for reducing the frizziness and ‘out of control’ look/feel of dry, unmanageable hair, and rich cedarwood oil can sort out a dry scalp too!
Oily hair and scalp - In this case, either the Hydrating or in tough cases, the Moisturizing or Curative Shampoos (the Curative has a slightly lower pH). It is important to use a Calia conditioner as it will help to close up the hair follicle and reduce the amount of oil your scalp secretes and thus keep your hair cleaner and looking better, longer.
Dry hair and oily scalp - Best to use the Rosemary Cedarwood or Balancing shampoo, with the Hydrating conditioner minding not to massage into the scalp to heavily, then spritz in the Balancing Leave-in conditioner into your hair away from scalp.
**Anytime you want to make a change in your shampoo (as we should from time to time) or to clean away any hair product residue from synthetic products, we recommend the either of the Rosemary shampoos. Like all Calia Shampoos/Conditioners, its natural content is fabulous for your scalp and will provide a healthy environment to grow beautiful hair.
My hair is very damaged from years of synthetic treatments and hair products.
Quite likely, you hair is simply dry and beaten up. If it’s very dry, again start with the Balancing program and then when your hair normalizes ie gets back in Balance, you can move into the Hydrating program, perhaps occasionally switching to the Rosemary shampoo/conditioner that suits you best.
I’ve got split ends..
Here it’s best to start with our Intensive Conditioner. For your first few washings, use this conditioner each time you wash. Once you get your desired results you can cut down the usage frequency to perhaps once a week or just apply to the ends of the hair and rinse out. This product is great in the sunny, dry climate as it really helps keep your hair looking and feeling healthy.
How can I remove the residue from all the synthetic products I’ve used on my hair or from a dirty environment? – While all of our super natural haircare products will do a great job, our new Purifying Rosemary Shampoo/Conditioners will give that extra edge in achieving your desired results. Available with Clary Sage (normal) or Cedarwood (dry).

Are Calia shampoos and conditioners OK for colour treated hair?
As we keep the pH levels of our shampoos about 5.5 and the conditioners at 4.5, so all our products are very gentle on coloured hair and have very little if any affect on colour fastness.
Are your products guaranteed satisfaction?
Yes, if you are not happy with the any Calia product, you may return it at your cost and we will refund your full product cost upon receipt.
Can I mix and match some of the products within a combination special? – Yes, as long as they are the same price, we can adjust your order to your wants. Just be sure to note it in your order notes.
Are essential oils safe for pregnant women or infants?
The following oils are safe to use in moderation when pregnant: Virtually all citrus oils, lavender, frankincense, peppermint, spearmint, ylang ylang, eucalyptus, chamomile, tea tree, rose geranium, cypress
Not safe – thyme, aniseed, rosemary, citronella, cinnamon, clary sage (although can be used to get labour started), rose, basil, fennel.
This list can also be used for infants ( best to start at 9 months to 1 year as a starting age) but it is better to NOT use peppermint and rather, use spearmint instead. As well, it is VERY important that you dilute any essential oil you use quite substantially with a carrier oil ie 10:1. Try a little bit of the diluted oil at a time to insure no adverse reaction. As the child get older, the dilution level can be cut back a bit at a time.
Can you ingest the essential oils?
Although we put “not for internal use” on our labels, many of the oils are indeed digestible. We have to tag the labels because of liability requirements for our large retailer accounts. This of course can cause some big problems. Let common sense prevail and you can enjoy a drop of lemon in your tea, orange and/or rosemary on a breast of chicken or lemongrass in your favourite Vietnamese dish. Just always keep in mind that Calia essential oils are very pure and can be very powerful substances so they only need to be used sparingly.
Where does your palm oil come from?
Our palm oil is organically grown in Borneo on special plantations specifically located so as not to infringe on the habitat of the indigenous Orangutan population.

Shipping questions

Are Calia products available in stores outside of Canada?
No, we have decided to not sell to stores outside of Canada as it would require that the products would have to go through a distributor and they generally take 25-30% and it would either raise the retail price substantially or we would make so little that being in business would be for nothing. Calia products are expensive to make (many times more than mainstream products) and all our oils are very high grade products wherein every lot we purchase for bottling has been tested with a Certificate of Analysis, and none are diluted with anything (save some of the blends for topical use). 

How much does shipping to ???? cost?
All shipping charges can be seen on the online store before you actually pay at the checkout. As a guideline, Canadian order shipping charges are: 
Orders under $25: $11.99
Order over $25: $9.99
Orders over $69: FREE!

International rates will be displayed at checkout, with both Canada Post surface mail (inexpensive) and UPS rates available. 

Do you have anybody in the Europe/UK selling Calia?
We currently only sell from western Canada at this time. 

Do I get a tracking number?
With our new shipping system, all Canadian bound orders will receive a tracking number when the order is shipped for either the postal service or UPS. Currently most overseas customers choose International Surface mail. There is no tracking available for these shipments unless a large price premium is paid.

How long will it take for my products to arrive?
For Canada and continental US, shipping is 2-10 business days depending on the distance from our warehouse to your location.
Generally, service crossing any ocean is 4-10 weeks but is not guaranteed. Sometimes it is faster and sometimes slower. Again, we have no control of the postal systems whatsoever, so if you cannot wait, PLEASE do not order!

Will you ship to my country?
Yes, we’ve shipped everywhere on the planet, though there are certain countries who have placed restrictions. Please contact us if you do not see rates for your country. 
Can I change my order once its placed?
Sorry no, because the items go directly into the fulfillment warehouse system, what you have chosen is what you'll be shipped.
Are your prices in Canadian dollars? 
Yes, we are keeping our pricing in CDN dollars on the Canadian site.