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Hello, Calia community!

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Here are three of our latest favourites; thank you to customers Andriana, Karie, and Lauren! 

'This is the best shampoo and conditioner I have ever used... I needed a shampoo that helps maintain the natural acidity of my scalp because my hair is wavy/curly and the Balancing Conditioner is amazing for that! The other Hydrating Shampoo is also perfect. Thanks!

~ Andriana Velounias'

'I will never shop another site again! Now that they have the loyalty program, it makes it even better! My hair is growing like a weed.

~ Karie Ann Aylesworth'

'This stuff completely changed my hair and scalp. I have no itchiness or flaking at all and my curls look better than ever. I use the Purifying for Normal Hair Shampoo, Purifying for Dry Hair Conditioner and Purifying Leave-in. THE LEAVE IN CONDITIONER IS THE KEY. DO NOT SKIP IT!

~ Lauren Mekal' 

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