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Hello Calia community! 

We are so excited to share with you our latest review by our customer, Kailee Rohde. Kailee first reached out to us on Instagram where we are loving all of your pictures and feedback about your experiences with Calia. Want to be featured yourself? Get in touch, we would love to hear from you! Thank you Kailee for your wonderful review! 

Over the years I have been on a mission to live a more natural lifestyle. For me, a huge part of keeping healthy is not only what I put in my body, but what I put on it. I have tried many shampoo and conditioners that claim to be natural only to be disappointed that the ingredients did not hold true to their statement, or the products left my hair in bad condition. I was ready to throw in the towel and lo and behold, Calia came into my life!

I began using the Organic Hydrating Shampoo, Organic Hydrating Conditioner and the Organic Hydrating Leave-In Conditioner. I cannot begin to express my excitement for these products! First, each product is truly made with all natural and organic ingredients that I know and can trust. Second, my hair is left not only feeling super clean, but very soft and very healthy. Third, my hair has grown faster then it ever has in my life! From the lack of chemicals and the perfect amount of natural essential oils and organic ingredients Calia's hair care products provide, my hair is just stronger than ever. I really don't have much breakage these days.

Last but not least, I love the way my hair smells. It isn't overpowering and I know what I am breathing in is healthy and pure. I receive compliments all the time on my hair and how long it has gotten so quickly. I honestly can't give credit to myself or anything else - these three products are the only ones I use on my hair!

Thank you so much Calia for helping me achieve a more natural lifestyle and making my hair absolutely gorgeous! 

So much love from your forever customer, 

Kailee Rohde 

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Yours naturally, 

Randy and the Calia crew

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