How Tess Reversed Her Receding Hairline!

How Tess Reversed Her Receding Hairline!

Nothing brings us more joy than hearing about our customers achieving the healthy hair they have always wanted. When Tess reached out to us we just knew that so many others would relate to her ongoing hair care journey, and we couldn't wait to share it with you!

"I just wanted to share that I absolutely love Calia products! After bleaching my hair platinum blonde for years, it was very damaged and brittle. I finally decided one year ago to stop dyeing my hair and try to achieve the healthy hair of my dreams.

Unfortunately, even after stopping bleaching it, my hair was still in very bad shape as a result of all the bleaching I had put it through. That’s when I decided it was time to switch my haircare products and try something new, and that's when I discovered Calia products.

Now after just a few months I can happily say that I am a huge fan of the Purifying and Hydrating lines! Not only have I noticed that my hair is growing much, much faster and thicker, but I have also noticed that in the spot where my hair was receding from wearing a tight pony tail everyday, is slowly starting to grow back! I am so pleased and can't wait to see more and more progress.

I would 100% recommend Calia if you experience any hair loss, damaged hair, a receding hairline, or are looking to rapidly grow your hair long and healthy!"

-Tess Urbanski


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