How To Clean Your TEK Brush

How To Clean Your TEK Brush

Most of us use our TEK Brushes daily as an integral part of our hair care routine, and while they keep our hair looking and feeling its best, they are also great at trapping lint, dead skin cells, and dirt that accumulates from our day-to-day routines.

By cleaning your TEK Brush on a regular basis, you will ensure that you are no longer redistributing unwanted waste back onto your hair. 

Here’s how to clean your TEK Brush in 4 easy steps!

You’ll need:

Your TEK Wooden Brush
5 drops of Calia Tea Tree Oil
1 cup of clean cold water
A fine comb OR brush cleaner
An old toothbrush

1. Remove the hair from your brush bristles

Using the fine comb or brush cleaner, catch the hair in the comb and pull it up the sides of the brush. Remove all the loose hair collected, curl into a ball, and toss it out.

2. Clean your brush

Add the tea tree oil to a small cup of water. Apply the mixture to the bristles using the toothbrush and scrub the bristles in an upward motion. After cleaning the bristles, apply the mixture to the rubber cushion and scrub off any lint and dirt.

3. Rinse your brush

Rinse your brush by spritzing a bit of water from a spray bottle instead of soaking.

4. Dry your brush

Lay your TEK brush on a clean towel, pin side down, and leave undisturbed until it's fully dry. Your brush is now clean and ready to work it's magic!

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