How To Prevent Split Ends

How To Prevent Split Ends

Regardless of hair type or length, we've all had to deal with split ends at some point in our lives. While you may not be able to get rid of split ends forever, we're here to provide our top tips on how to minimize and prevent the appearance of them!

Firstly, What Are Split Ends And How Do They Happen?

Split ends happen when the hair becomes dry, brittle and frayed. Split ends, or (medically known as) Trichoptilosis, is a certain type of hair damage that occurs when the hair cuticle is not strong enough and breaks the hair into two separate branches. Exposure to extreme weather conditions, chemical hair products, and excessive heat styling use on the hair are to blame for the appearance of those pesky ends. The good news? There is something you can do about it!

Avoid Any Kind Of Chemicals

Hair care products that contain harmful chemicals such as sulfates, parabens and silicones can cause premature hair breakage. An easy way to help prevent split ends is to switch to using all natural hair care products on a regular basis, as they are much gentler on the hair over time! You can shop our entire natural hair care collection here.

Do A Hair Mask At Least Once Per Week

Applying a moisturizing hair mask once per week helps to replenish the hair with hydration. Doing so ensures the hair is primed to receive all the required nutrients (in your natural hair care products) that help towards making your hair healthy and strong. Try our best-selling Intensive Conditioner for your weekly hit of hydration!

Switch To A Wooden Brush

Wooden brushes, such as our popular TEK Brushes, evenly distribute the hairs natural oils as you brush, oils that are vital to the health of your hair. Gently brushing your hair with a wooden brush (from the roots to the ends) on a daily basis will help keep the ends of your hair nurtured and protected from any unnecessary breakage.

Get Into The Habit Of Regular Trims

If you already have split ends, no amount of hair care products will get rid of them. Our advice? Start getting preventative with your hair trims by going no longer than 6 months without a freshen up on your ends. In an ideal world, you should be trimming your hair every 3-4 months, but 6 months at the most!

Avoid Washing Your Hair Too Often

Washing your hair every day can cause many issues, including stripping your scalp of the natural oils it produces, otherwise known as sebum. If you wash your hair too often you can strip your of sebum, and sebum is responsible for helping to protect your hair from moisture loss. Essentially, by over washing you can cause your hair to become unnecessarily dry, making your hair an arena for breakage and dead ends.

At the end of the day, the best thing you can do when it comes to preventing split ends is to solidify your hair care routine and remain consistent with it. Hold yourself accountable to a weekly wash day schedule, a weekly hair mask, daily gentle brushing and whatever else you know your hair loves, and your ends will be smooth in no time!

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