Introducing Calia Loyalty Club!

Introducing Calia Loyalty Club! 

Big news folks! 

With so many of our wonderful Calia customers having so much enthusiasm for our natural product line and the results they achieve by using them, word continues to spread about our little company. While we are growing, we are still just a small collection of passionate people making and providing you caring folks with the best products we know how to create.

The continual support we get from you has led us to finally create a program to thank you for your wide-ranging support. So, after weeks of preparation, we’ve just introduced our Calia Loyalty Club!! Like other similar programs, it works on a collected points basis, redeemable with any purchase, anytime. You’ll get points for your purchases, captured referrals and even your birthday!

All you have to do is create an account to get started. Already have an account? Sign in and start collecting points! 

We love you guys and the passion you too have for high quality, natural products, and while sometimes things go a bit crazy and get overwhelming, we’ll continue to do our utmost to keep our standards high.

Many thanks to all!!

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