NEW! Intensive Facial Cream is now available!

NEW! Intensive Facial Cream is now available! 

We are so excited to announce the launch of our new INTENSIVE FACIAL CREAMS! We've been holding in this news for some time, and are AT LAST ready at last to share our newest products with you! 

Available with Rose Geranium, or completely Fragrance-Free, Calia's NEW Intensive Facial Cream is the answer to your dry skin’s dreams. Enriched with nourishing avocado and sweet almond oils for a rich, deep moisturizing that can only come from pure oils, we’ve kept our favourite sea-buckthorn oil in this formula too. This cream is the ultimate in natural skin care with the added benefit of absorbing UV-B rays due to the sea-buckthorn oil which may assist in decreasing sun damage. Use as a rich night cream or for a daily moisturizer for the face and neck.

Rose Geranium oil not only has an incredibly magical fragrance but is well known for its astringent properties. It serves as a great addition to a facial cream as it can reduce wrinkles and nourish all skin types.

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