The Benefits Of Using A Wooden Hair Brush

The Benefits Of Using A Wooden Hair Brush

Have you ever wondered if your plastic hair brush has been helping your hair or hindering it? We've been there. Plastic hair brushes are not only not great for the environment, but they aren't great for the hair either. Wooden hair brushes are a great way to ensure your hair is long and healthy, while being mindful of the environment too. If you're curious about making the switch, we've got you! We have compiled the best reasons you should consider swapping out your current brush for a wooden one.

1. Reduces Static

The plastic bristles in your typical hair brush increase electrical charge in your hair, *annoyingly* contributing to static, frizz, and fussy fly aways. Wooden brushes hold a neutral to negative charge, so that your hair is able to remain smooth and static-free. 

2. Gentler Detangling 

The bristles in many wooden brushes (particularly our TEK Brushes & Combs) are surprisingly soft, smooth and free from any sharp corners that risk ripping your precious hair out as you brush. When switching to a wooden hair brush, you will experience far less snagging and hair breakage, which in turn results in healthier hair. 

3. Smoother and Shinier Hair

As a wooden brush combs through your hair, it grabs the natural oils from your roots and evenly distributes them throughout you hair as you brush. This natural oil distribution helps keep your hair softer and smoother, while also helping you avoid any major scalp buildup. 

4. Massaging

The smooth, rounded edges of TEK brushes & Combs allow you to effortlessly massage your scalp daily. Massaging the scalp increases sebum production, which can result in shinier hair, as well as increasing blood flow to the hair. This increased blood flow can help significantly strengthen the hair so that it is able to grow to its full potential!

5. Better for the environment and long-lasting 

Wood is biodegradable, whereas plastic is not. Meaning from an ethical standpoint wooden brushes have a much better impact on the planet. The high quality wood used in each TEK product is built to last, making your wooden brush a long-term investment for your hair. In fact, we even carry replacement bristles should one of yours break, even years down the line! Protect your hair and protect the planet, all in one go. 

If you're ready to make the switch, shop our full assortment of TEK products here to find out which brush is best for your hair type!

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