A Review + Photos from Catalina!

Hello Calia Community!

We are excited to share a new review and beautiful before and after photos from our customer Catalina! Have feedback for us? We'd love to hear from you! Feel free to email us here.

"Hello!!! I am Catalina from Chile, South America, but I live in the United States!

I want to share some pictures with you of my hair, both before and after, and let you know how happy I am with Calia products! I use Calia Purifying Shampoo, Purifying Conditioner, and Leave-in Conditioner. I have also used the Intensive Conditioner, and my last purchase was the TEK wooden brush! 

I am really in love with these products, and I want to give you a thousand thanks for the passion you have put into making a product that reaches our souls! Keep it up, and I hope to continue buying Calia all my life. 

The 'before' photo was when I had blonde hair with a lot of damage, and now my hair is natural, soft and bright! I am so pleased, and I appreciate your products with all my heart!"

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