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Hello Calia community! 

Thank you so much your continued support ~ and for all of your wonderful feedback! We love to share your reviews and invite you to email them, or post them to our Facebook page. Thank you to Cynthia Thompson for the latest! Read on! 

I am so glad that I chose Calia's organic hair and body care products!  My experience has been wonderful, and I have purchased most of the hair care products for dry hair and I am truly impressed with the results. The hair products have made my hair soft, pliable, and easy to comb while it is still wet. The results on the day after washing are also amazing! My hair is never dry, but instead still feels moisturized and easy to comb without a lot of breakage!

I have also purchased the skin lotions and the cleanser, which makes my face feel really clean. The moisturizers for my face leave my skin moisturized and feeling soft and smooth all day. The facial toner smells wonderful and it also makes my skin feel really fresh! 

Calia, you have really done a wonderful job with your products. Please continue the good work! All the best! 


Cynthia Thompson 

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Yours naturally, 

Randy and the Calia crew

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