Calia Q&A: Letizia of So Natural Beauty

Hello Calia community! We are so excited to share with you a little more about our recent partnership with the lovely Letizia from So Natural Beauty! 

Earlier this year we partnered with So Natural Beauty, an online retailer working hard to 
provide customers with natural, effective, and elegant products.

Based in Belgium, Letizia - the founder - has a strong passion for organic beauty products and we are so happy to partner with her to make Calia more available to our wonderful customers in Europe!  This partnership means that our European customers can get access to all our Calia products in a MUCH shorter time-frame, all the while supporting another local small business. This is something we can all feel good about, and we are so happy to share this interview with you. 

We spoke to Letizia to find out everything about So Natural Beauty and her journey into beauty retail, read on to learn more about her and her amazing company:

What is So Natural Beauty?

So Natural Beauty is an online boutique that provides only non-toxic skin and hair care products, make-up and nail polishes.

The brands and products on our website are selected following these criteria:

  • Our products are certified organic or use 100% natural ingredients
  • Our products deliver excellent and visible results
  • Our products are cruelty-free
  • We personally test and approve the quality of our products

We want our customers to experience a beauty ritual that is more than just safe and clean, but a real moment for you and a real beauty ritual that will visibly improve the health of your skin and hair.

What was the inspiration for starting So Natural Beauty? 

Since I was a little girl I was told to always use natural remedies. And since becoming a mother of two kids, I’m even more careful and want the best for their health!

During a trip to the USA, I discovered simple products such as deodorant and hair care products formulated without chemicals or toxic ingredients. Everything I bought, I could also use on my kids. I was so impressed by their efficiency and quality that I wanted everyone around me to know about these brands.

This is how I decided to launch my own online beauty store. My sister and I have tested all the brands that we offer in our shop and we ensure that they are all natural products, made with plants and not tested on animals.

What is your sourcing philosophy?

The products don’t contain any chemicals or toxic ingredients but only plants, oils and essential oils. Moreover, they must be cruelty-free and environmentally friendly. As I personally test all the brands, I can advise my customers on the best products for them to use and the best way to use them.

Living in Belgium, how do you find such an amazing range of natural products from all over the world?

The idea of So Natural Beauty is to share, listen and exchange the beauty experiences with bloggers, customers, or friends from all around the world.

Some discussions inspire us to try and test some new products because our curiosity is what makes the beauty world so interesting. 

When we completely fall in love with the brand philosophy and the products we start to see if we can include the brand on our website.

What are your favourite Calia items?

I’m tempted to say ALL the products, but I will just say the products that I use every week.

The Calia Hydrating Shampoo and Calia Hydrating Conditioner are just perfect for my daughter and I. They deeply nourish and protect our hair and also make it easy to untangle. It’s incredible how soft and shining our hair is after switching to Calia.

The Calia Rose Rejuvenating Face Cream that deeply hydrates and nourishes my skin. Its perfume is so delicious and its texture, so light and fast absorbing. This product always impressed me!

Finally, the Essential Oils that allow us to create personal aromatic treatments according to the season and the skin and hair needs.

How did you discover Calia Natural?

As I mentioned above, the Green Beauty community is a world where the people from all around the world share their experiences. I came across the videos of Sarah Nagel of Holistic Habits and discovered Calia here.

Sarah is such an inspiration to me not only for her beauty ritual, and thanks to her excellent advice I’ve tried the Calia range. Of course, once I started taking care of my skin and hair with Calia, it was impossible for me not to have this brand in my shop!!

Do you have a hair care routine you swear by?

With the Calia haircare products, my routine is quite simple but so efficient: I wash my hair 4 to 5 days a week. I use the Hydrating Shampoo and every time, a conditioner (impossible to skip the conditioner!). Once a week I use the Intensive Conditioner to deeply hydrate my hair. A good conditioner allows me to keep my hair soft and tangle-free. 

Any DIY recipes that you feel everyone should know about? 

When my hair needs extra shine and hydration I apply coconut oil to my roots and ends. I let it sink into my hair as long as possible and I follow-up with shampoo and conditioner as usual. 

I noticed a great improvement in the quality of my hair since doing this because it keeps it in good shape for a long time! This ritual is well known, but unfortunately, people do not always do it even though it’s something quite simple to do. 

What is the most important reason you choose 100% natural and organic products?  

There are actually two main reasons.

The first one is that it’s now scientifically proven that an accumulation of toxins in our body over the years, can cause diseases. Prevention is therefore very important. That’s why I avoid using beauty products containing chemicals on my skin.

And the second reason is that since I started using natural products, my skin and my hair have visibly improved! Now I try to spread the word and let people try these products and experience this difference for themselves.

Where is So Natural Beauty based, and where do you ship to?

So Natural Beauty is located in Belgium, the heart and capital of Europe. 

Let us know if you enjoyed this Q&A and would like to see more!

You can visit So Natural Beauty here, and follow them on Instagram here

Yours Naturally, 

Randy & the Calia Crew

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