Why Every Household Needs Lavender Oil!

Curious about the many uses for Lavender Oil?

Lavender is one of the most popular essential oils in the world today, and for good reason! The use of Lavender can be dated back to as long as 2500 years ago when the Romans used it to scent their beds, baths, clothes and their bodies. Through their love of lavender, they eventually discovered this magical plant had medicinal properties.

Modern-day Lavender Oil is obtained most commonly through the steam distillation process. At Calia, our Lavender Oil is a unique blend of our very favourite European Lavender oils. Our unique blend has a wide range of notes, giving it a full, all-encompassing aroma.

Lavender Oil boasts a rich floral scent which is easily one of our favourites here at Calia, but we love it for more than just it's amazing fragrance! Lavender boasts a wide range of medicinal and therapeutic qualities that include:

Alleviating Migraine Headaches
Lavender oil is known to regulate serotonin levels, which helps to calm the part of the nervous system known to produce migraines and headaches. Massage lavender oil into your temples and along the back of the neck to relieve migraine headaches.

Restoring Skin Complexion & Treating Acne
Lavender oil is rich in antioxidants and has anti-inflammatory properties that are known to help to refresh and heal the skin while reducing skin blemishes. Lavender oil’s antiseptic properties inhibit the growth of bacteria that causes acne infection and will also effectively reduce signs of scarring when acne is healing.

Inducing Sleep
In recent years, Lavender oil has become a favourite for inducing sleep. Lavender has therapeutic properties that create a calm and relaxed state, and the scent is well-known to help the weary fall asleep easily.

Add 10 drops of Lavender oil to 1 cup of water into a spray bottle and shake well before spraying the mixture onto your pillow for a good night's rest. This is our top use for Lavender, and we wouldn't sleep as well without it!

Healing First-Degree Burns & Reducing Scarring
Lavender oil has antiseptic, antibacterial and circulatory stimulating properties. It naturally prevents infections from occurring, which can help speed up skin recovery and aid in the formation of new healthy tissues.

Simply apply Calia Lavender Oil directly onto burnt skin a few times a day until the wound has healed completely.

Promoting Hair Growth & Reducing Hair Loss
The circulatory stimulating properties of Lavender can also aid in scalp circulation, allowing nutrients to reach hair follicles, which promotes healthy hair growth. Lavender’s antiseptic and antibacterial action can also help control dandruff and scalp acne caused by fungal or bacterial infections.

Lavender Oil is a key ingredient in our Hydrating Shampoo Formula. Apart from its amazing properties, Lavender Oil has the ability to hydrate the scalp and balance sebum production, making it excellent for people with mixed scalp conditions!

It's easy to see why we are so in love with Lavender, and why the world has fallen in love with this amazing botanical wonder.

Let us know your favourite ways of using Lavender Oil by sharing it with us in an email or on social media! We look forward to hearing from you! 

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