Make Your Own Anti-Bacterial Formula

Make Your Own Anti-Bacterial Formula 

With the current health situation of our world and the rigorous standards we should all be following, we'd like to share with you a very good essential oil recipe for an effective anti-bacterial soap blend. While it is not an effective measure against contracting or transmitting the current coronavirus, it will most definitely eliminate much of the bacteria that we may pick up along the way in our every day lives. Eliminating harmful bacteria allows our own immune systems to remain stronger to fight other threats.

This blend can be added to any liquid soap, lotion or can be mixed into a spritzer with rubbing alcohol or even water. It can be used as a hand rub or even a wipe down when mixed in an alcohol blend. You'll find its fragrance refreshing and very pleasant as well.


  • 1 part each of the following essential oils: Tea Tree, Peppermint, Clove, Rosemary, Cedarwood with 2 parts Grapefruit essential oil. 

Add 80-90 drops of the blend to 240ml/8oz of the carrier (liquid soap, lotion, etc) and mix together thoroughly. Calia Body Wash makes an excellent base as it has much less of a drying effect on the skin than mainstream washes.

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