The 5 Rules Of Heat Styling Your Hair

The 5 Rules Of Heat Styling Your Hair

You've probably heard at some point or another to never use heat tools, especially if you're in pursuit of healthier hair. Well, we totally understand that that just isn't realistic for a lot of people. So... how can you apply heat without damaging your hair? Continue reading to find out!

1. Avoid Using Heat Every Single Day

Only apply heat to your hair when it feels absolutely necessary. Applying heat to the hair is naturally very drying, and can make the hair look very "crispy" if overused. Not to mention, using too much heat can accelerate the resurgence of split ends! 

2. Apply Styling Tools To Small Sections

So you read the first point and thought to yourself, there's no way I can't NOT use a little bit of heat every day. We get it, baby hairs, kinks and other annoying hair mishaps can happen. If these are things you deal with on a daily basis, its OKAY! Try to apply your heat tools to smaller chunks of hair, and only focus on the problem areas you're trying to fix! The real damage happens when you blow dry, curl or straighten your whole head every single day.

3. Use A Heat Protectant, ALWAYS

Every time you pick up a blow drier or styling tool, don't you dare forget to apply a heat protectant! The problem with most heat protectants you may find on the shelves is that they are full of chemicals you'll want to steer clear of. We suggest lightly massaging in a hair oil to the lengths and ends of the hair, such as our Organic Argan Oil, as it naturally protects the hair from heat!

4. Stop Using Your Heat Tools At The Highest Temperature

Contrary to popular belief, cranking up the heat on your blow drier doesn't make it dry any faster. The same goes for your hair curlers and straighteners! Your hair won't be styled any faster. All you're doing by blasting your hair at these high temperatures is causing further damage to the hair shaft and hair fibres. So, if you usually have your hair tools at full throttle, we suggest turning them down a notch!

5. Moisturize Moisturize Moisturize

Ensuring your hair is hydrated and moisturized is vital to maintaining healthy hair, especially when using heat tools on a semi-regular basis. We suggest applying a hair mask once a week, such as our Intensive Conditioner, to help keep your hair healthy and vibrant!

The bottom line? Everything in moderation. As long as you're taking the necessary steps to keep your hair healthy, as well as protect it; heat tools can certainly be a part of your hair routine if needed.

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