The Best Essential Oils for Healing Sun Exposure


Summer is certainly the best time for enjoying the outdoors and basking in the sun. Exposure to sunlight is beneficial for increasing our body’s level of Vitamin D while adding the obvious benefits of enhancing our mood, energy, and sleep!

For most of us, summer is the time of year we get the most exposure to sunlight. However, exposure to sunlight is only beneficial when done in moderation. We must be careful to do it safely!  

Here are our top 5 recommendations for soothing mild burns from too much sun exposure:

1. Peppermint Oil

Peppermint is a natural painkiller, which can help take the sting out of your sunburn. Plus, it’s cooling sensation will soothe burnt areas, providing your skin some relief! Peppermint also has antiseptic properties, reducing any potential risk of developing an infection.
    2. Lavender Oil

    The use of Lavender Oil dates back to the Roman empire and is widely used as a natural remedy for common skin issues. Similar to peppermint oil, Lavender oil can help cool and soothe the sting of your sunburn while reducing the risk of infection due to its antiseptic properties. But Lavender goes above and beyond due to its ability to promote new skin growth. Skin peeling is one of the side effects of a sunburn and Lavender can improve the skin's healing process by promoting new skin growth!
      3. Frankincense Oil 

      Frankincense Oil is another power-packed skin tonic with wonderous benefits for our skin! Apart from providing pain relief, frankincense oil promotes skin regeneration, and is well known for its ability to return damaged skin back to its original beautiful luster! Frankincense oil also adds moisture to your dry, peeling skin to speed up the healing process.
      Note that pure Frankincense Oil should be diluted with another carrier oil before being applied to your sunburnt areas.

      4. Rose Geranium Oil

      Rose Geranium is rich in antioxidants, which moisturizes damaged skin, reduces redness and helps the skin retain a younger and healthier appearance. It's a little bit of magic, to say the least! Rose Geranium oil’s anti-inflammatory properties can also reduce swelling while its antiseptic properties prevent any infections. Lastly, Rose Geranium oil can reduce the swelling while soothing your sunburn

      5. Eucalyptus Oil

      Eucalyptus is another cooling essential oil that will soothe the sting and cool down your sunburn. Its antioxidant properties will speed up the healing process, while its anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties keep swelling and infections at bay. 

      Essential oils are generally too concentrated to be topically applied to our skin on their own. Apart from Lavender oil, the rest of the oils listed above should be diluted with a carrier oil (like Jojoba oil or Sweet Almond Oil) before applying topically. 

      This is one of our favorite sunburn healer recipes!

      You’ll need:


      1. Combine all the oils in a dark glass bottle and mix well
      2. Apply to sunburn area every 3-4 hours

      Have any other tips to share? We would love to hear how you are making the most of your summer! Self-care is our best tip, always! 

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      Yours Naturally, 

      Randy & The Calia Crew 

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