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Today we are sharing a note from Calia customer Jackie Sunday! We hope you are all having an amazing week, enjoy! 

"I've been using Calia for about a year and a half now, after becoming more and more cautious of the ingredients in everything I use. I love that I know what I'm using when I wash my hair with Calia, and know that it's 100% safe. I've been growing out my hair for years now and it's the longest and strongest it's ever been now! I now only have to wash my hair about once a week, and that's usually only because I need to brush through it. 

I no longer use heat to style my hair. Calia has helped me embrace and love the natural, unruly texture of my hair, which is wavy when it's long (because of the weight) and curly when it's short. Because of my hair's texture, the Hydrating Conditioner is probably my favourite (if I had to pick only one!) as well as the Hydrating L
eave-in Conditioner. These two products help immensely with my frizz here in the midwest humidity and make my hair so soft. I also really, really love the Rose Rejuvenating Cream for these dry winter months. I can't recommend, or thank Calia enough!!

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