Your TEK Brush Missing a Pin?

Ever since we teamed up with TEK brushes, we've been delighted to see the response from you to adopting their fantastically crafted wooden brushes into your natural hair care routines. 

Many of you have written us to tell us that a wooden pin is missing, but did you know that is intentional? It's true! The design of the brush with one pin strategically missing allows for air to flow through the rubber cushion. This is for better brushing and is not a product defect! 

However, in the case that you receive a brush with an additional missing pin, OR if you find that with use, one has fallen out or broken, TEK has provided us with extra wooden pins that can easily to be added back into the rubber cushion to restore the brush to its perfect state! 

Also, as a word of caution, the Paddle Brush with Long Pins is extra sensitive, so be careful when using to avoid a pin disaster. 

In case you receive a replacement pin, please refer to this easy video for instructions on how to do it.

Get the video here.

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