NEW! TEK and Calia Team Up for the Best in Hair Care!

NEW! TEK and Calia team up for the Best in Hair Care! 

We are so excited to announce our newest product launch – we've teamed up with TEK brushes to bring you the ultimate tool for your all natural hair care!

Hand-made in Italy, TEK wooden brushes are the top choice for many who are looking for the highest quality brushes and combs for your hair and scalp.

Why use TEK brushes?

The team at TEK is dedicated to innovation and craftsmanship, and this is evident every time you use their brushes. Their commitment to quality products and sustainability makes them a perfect fit for us, and we can’t recommend these incredible products enough.

Each unique brush is specially made to comb through the hair without stripping or creating static. The natural rubber cushion allows for soft and pleasant brushing, all while massaging the scalp, reactivating blood circulation and reinforcing your hair!

The natural wooden manufacture of the products means that they are not only hypoallergenic but perfect for absorbing excess sebum and hair impurities.

Caring for the environment

TEK creates their products giving particular attention to environmental protection, and each item is crafted following sustainable principles.

A lot of brushes on the market are mass-produced using plastic materials that are harmful to the environment. This type of production can also result in product defects that can cause damage to hair. Every single TEK brush is handmade, meaning that each pin is turned, smoothed and inspected to keep your hair protected!

The use of natural rubber, linen oil and beeswax in TEK brushes means there is no oil derivative.  

We've rounded up a collection of our favorites and are so excited to make them available to you, our amazing community of Calia customers! 

Shop TEK brushes here.

We can’t wait to hear what you think of them!

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