How Kaitlin Restored Her Hair!

How Kaitlin Restored Her Hair!

Meet Kaitlin, a new mom who struggled to find a natural hair care brand to soothe her excessive shedding and hair breakage. That is, until she discovered Calia! 


"Hi Calia! I just wanted to let you know that I absolutely love your products! My hair was so dry after I gave birth to my daughter. I was shedding a lot near my hairline, and having a lot of hair breakage all over.

I had then been on the lookout for a natural hair care brand that delivers results ever since I really noticed all of my shedding. I received my first products from you three weeks ago, and my hair is already feeling so much healthier!

My scalp isn’t as tender as it used to be, my hair feels so soft, and my curls/waves are looking so much better! My favourite product is the hydrating leave-in conditioner, but I have also been loving your Purifying & Hydrating Shampoos and Conditioners.

Also, a quick note on your skin care! Due to the pandemic, I have been washing my hands a lot. Your skin cream with sea buckthorn oil in it has helped my skin so so much! I use it on my face as well for an extra hydration boost. I recently placed another order with you that’s supposed to come tomorrow, and I’m so excited to try more products! So glad I found your brand! Thank you so much!"

- Kaitlin Nilsson


Thank you so much for sharing your story with us Kaitlin! Do you have a hair transformation story to share with us? Drop us a line here. Stock up on your favourite Calia products here.

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