How Rachelle Reversed Her Hair Loss!

How Rachelle Reversed Her Hair Loss!

From a stressed out university student dealing with tremendous hair loss, to thriving with rapid hair regrowth, Rachelle's story is one we couldn't wait to share with you!


"Over a year ago, I graduated from university. During this stressful time, I began to notice progressive hair loss. I vividly remember pulling out clumps of hair every time I’d hop in the shower; my hair became so thin that even my friends and family began to notice. On top of that I had been dying my hair blonde (I'm naturally a brunette), which was causing even further damage, thinning and breakage (pictured below).

I remember feeling lost and desperate for a solution - I even purchased clip-in extensions to try and give my hair a thicker appearance.

It really wasn’t until I was introduced to Calia that I slowly began to notice hair regrowth. I began using the Calia Purifying Shampoo, Conditioner, and the leave-in conditioner. I purchased Calia’s TEK Brush, a head massager, ditched the bleach blonde and went back to my natural hair colour. I even embraced my oily hair as it transitioned to their natural products - talk about being committed! If you're currently in the transition period... TRUST me, it's truly worth getting past!

Slowly but surely, my hair began to feel increasingly thick. After only 6 months, I said goodbye to my hair extensions because my hair looked just as thick without them! I've started to receive endless compliments from my friends and family about how much healthier my hair has gotten, and finally gained my hair confidence back! I’ve never been so impressed with a hair-care line in my life. Calia transformed me from a girl who never took out her extensions, to a girl that gets frequent questions about her hair-care routine! 

Thank you for bringing back my confidence Calia, I am never going back <3."

- Rachelle Duckworth 


Thank you SO much for sharing your story with us Rachelle, it is one we believe will inspire many others!

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