Your Top Three Mother's Day Notes & a Thank You!

The Results are in for #OnlyBestForMom! 

Thank you all so much for entering our Mother's Day giveaway contest! There were so many amazing notes we needed an extra day to read them all. Here is a note from our founder, Randy ~ 

"Well, I must say, we became so impressed and taken aback by the number of wonderful musings and thoughts about your lovely mothers, that we just had to add yet six more prizes. So, we have put in six $50 Mother's Day gift cards as well! 

In addition, all who entered will get a $10 gift card sent to their Mum's email. We'll be notifying all of you to get the pertinent info so we can get these prizes out as quickly as possible....hopefully in time for Mother's Day. 
Our top six were from Italy, Canada, and the USA. So it shows just how wonderful and widespread the love for our mums truly is!"

We've now emailed the winners, congrats to all! It was so hard to pick only 12 winners, as your notes were all so incredible, our top three notes are here for all to enjoy! 

"My mother was born and raised in Mumbai, India. She lived in a two-bedroom home with her 8 brothers and sisters and parents. She used to tell me stories on how her, her sisters and mom would sleep on the floor on mattresses in one room of the house and her brothers and dad would all sleep on the floor on mattresses in the other room. She came from humble beginnings. She became a lawyer and practiced until she was 31 when she then met and married my dad. She immigrated with him to the US and had myself and my little sister, who has Down Syndrome. My dad passed away when I was 8 and my sister was 5 years old. When she came to the US she couldn't practice law again without having to go to school all over again, (she didn't go to school again here in the US, she decided to be a stay at home mom and have us) so when my dad passed, along with the survivor benefits she thankfully got (he passed 1 year and 1 month after working at his last job before passing and survivor benefits kick in after 1 year - everything happens for a reason!) she worked for Amway, Junior Achievement, was my girl scout leader and now helps run a Hindu Temple for the past 8 years. She does free law and social work for other people in the community to help those who might be newly immigrated to the US, those who can't speak good English and/or those who also have kids with special needs who want to learn how to apply for services from the state. She always kept and still keeps herself busy and positive. She is a breast cancer survivor of 12 years this year. She is 63 years young, playful and full of happiness and curiosity. She always made sure my sister and I were loved and taken care of. She is my superhero and I can't believe all the things she has been through and not only survived it all but come out the other side an even more amazing and grateful human being! I am grateful she is my mother!"


"Why Mom Deserves the Best! Because my father left her when she was 2 months pregnant, and since then she's been taking care of me without complaining. Nowadays I'm a 17 years old young man and thanks to my mom I have learned the true meaning of love, sacrifice, commitment, patience, and dedication to the others. Mom, I'm so proud of you, you're the happiest, positive, and strongest woman I've ever known. Thanks for your love and for always being there for me".


Why Mom Deserves the Best! My mommabear is beautiful from the inside and out. She is strong, brave, patient, and humble with a heart of gold. Everyone she talks to she shows kindness no matter what. I'm beyond honored not only to call my mom-my mom but my best friend. She has raised (and is still raising) me to be thankful, joyous, and kind in all circumstances. She is the biggest blessing in my life. My heart overwhelms with love when I think about everything she has sacrificed and done for me. The word selfish doesn't exist in her vocabulary. She has shaped the person I am today and she is a model of who I want to be. I love her with all my heart. She cares about me more than anyone else on this earth. With all we have been through in the past - losing my brother 13 years ago, she deserves more than I could ever give her. She is a queen. From long nights of holding me when I was sick - to the long hugs after heartbreaks, when I ask her to hold my hand when we are walking through parking lots still after 16 years, keeping me grounded in my faith and who I am, making trips out of her way to get me my favorite meals, and keeping me on track and organized..... she is the best mom in the world. I love my mom. Happy Mother's Day! Love, Kimberly ~James 1:2-4~


Thank you all again! 

Yours naturally, 

The Calia Crew 

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