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July 30, 2018

Hello Calia customers! 

Please be advised that due to the BC Day long weekend on Monday, August 6th, all orders placed after 3 PM on Thursday, August 3rd may be delayed in shipping. 

There will be no orders shipped on Friday August 4th, Saturday August 5th, Sunday August 6th, and Monday August 7th. 

We appreciate your understanding and wish you a lovely long weekend! 

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Randy & the Calia Crew

Hello, Calia community!

More love for Calia from you, our incredible customers! We love receiving and sharing your positive words; this is why we do what we do! Have a story to send to us? Email them here, or share on Facebook here

Thanks so much to Calia customers Marissa, Emily, and Emy for these fantastic notes! We are so happy to be a part of your journey. 

"Addicted...period. Full stop. The best I've ever used. Ever.

~ Marissa" 

"I absolutely love this shampoo and conditioner! I normally have to wash my hair every day because my hair is fine and oily, but as soon as I switched I went three days without washing it because it didn't look oily or greasy. I will never switch back!

~ Emily"

"So far I have used the face products and they have been so gentle on my face! This brand is the first brand that hasn’t given my face a negative reaction! The cleanser is so gentle, the face cream feels so smooth!

~ Emy"

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Randy & the Calia Crew 


Summer is certainly the best time for enjoying the outdoors and basking in the sun. Exposure to sunlight is beneficial for increasing our body’s level of Vitamin D while adding the obvious benefits of enhancing our mood, energy, and sleep!

For most of us, summer is the time of year we get the most exposure to sunlight. However, exposure to sunlight is only beneficial when done in moderation. We must be careful to do it safely!  

Here are our top 5 recommendations for soothing mild burns from too much sun exposure:

1. Peppermint Oil

Peppermint is a natural painkiller, which can help take the sting out of your sunburn. Plus, it’s cooling sensation will soothe burnt areas, providing your skin some relief! Peppermint also has antiseptic properties, reducing any potential risk of developing an infection.
    2. Lavender Oil

    The use of Lavender Oil dates back to the Roman empire and is widely used as a natural remedy for common skin issues. Similar to peppermint oil, Lavender oil can help cool and soothe the sting of your sunburn while reducing the risk of infection due to its antiseptic properties. But Lavender goes above and beyond due to its ability to promote new skin growth. Skin peeling is one of the side effects of a sunburn and Lavender can improve the skin's healing process by promoting new skin growth!
      3. Frankincense Oil 

      Frankincense Oil is another power-packed skin tonic with wonderous benefits for our skin! Apart from providing pain relief, frankincense oil promotes skin regeneration, and is well known for its ability to return damaged skin back to its original beautiful luster! Frankincense oil also adds moisture to your dry, peeling skin to speed up the healing process.
      Note that pure Frankincense Oil should be diluted with another carrier oil before being applied to your sunburnt areas.

      4. Rose Geranium Oil

      Rose Geranium is rich in antioxidants, which moisturizes damaged skin, reduces redness and helps the skin retain a younger and healthier appearance. It's a little bit of magic, to say the least! Rose Geranium oil’s anti-inflammatory properties can also reduce swelling while its antiseptic properties prevent any infections. Lastly, Rose Geranium oil can reduce the swelling while soothing your sunburn

      5. Eucalyptus Oil

      Eucalyptus is another cooling essential oil that will soothe the sting and cool down your sunburn. Its antioxidant properties will speed up the healing process, while its anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties keep swelling and infections at bay. 

      Essential oils are generally too concentrated to be topically applied to our skin on their own. Apart from Lavender oil, the rest of the oils listed above should be diluted with a carrier oil (like Jojoba oil or Sweet Almond Oil) before applying topically. 

      This is one of our favorite sunburn healer recipes!

      You’ll need:


      1. Combine all the oils in a dark glass bottle and mix well
      2. Apply to sunburn area every 3-4 hours

      Have any other tips to share? We would love to hear how you are making the most of your summer! Self-care is our best tip, always! 

      Shop our entire Essential Oils collection here.

      Yours Naturally, 

      Randy & The Calia Crew 

      Hello, Calia community!

      Your emails and kind notes are always the very best part of our day here at Calia! We love receiving and sharing your positive words; this is why we do what we do! Have a story to send to us? Email them here, or share on Facebook here. Thanks so much to Calia customers Alexis and Michelle for these beautiful notes! 

      "I’ve heard so many good things about your hair care products so I thought I’d give you a try. Before I wash my hair, I will let either some hair oil or mask sit in my hair overnight. It’s such a hassle to clean it all out. I always have to wash it more than once even after getting a glob of shampoo. So I ordered your Balancing Shampoo and Conditioner after hearing and reading such good reviews. I cannot even begin to explain how much I am in love with these two products! I used a small amount of shampoo, and it got rid of all the oil without stripping my hair the first time around. It even feels soft after just using the shampoo. I use the conditioner of course which makes it even smoother. And it smells amazing! You now have another lifelong customer. Never will I switch my shampoo or conditioner line! I’m telling everyone about this fantastic product. Thank you so much for making it! Now I just have to save enough to get the gallon jugs. Lol. Thank you again 😊

      ~ Alexis"

      "Calia is by far the BEST brand I’ve ever tried, EVER! I colour, bleach, and style my hair regularly and nothing else has ever repaired it. This is the FIRST shampoo and conditioner I’ve ever tried that TRANSFORMED MY DRY, DAMAGED, BRITTLE HAIR to SOFT AND HEALTHY! And I’ve only used it for a month now! I’ll never use another brand again! Thank you so much, Calia!

      ~ Michelle"

      Shop our collections here.

      Thank you for reading! 

      Randy & the Calia Crew 

      Hello, Calia community!

      Your emails and notes are always the best part of our days! We love receiving and sharing your positive words, this is why we do what we do! Have a story to send to us? Email them here, or share on Facebook here. Thanks so much to Calia customers Peggy and Victoria for these wonderful notes! 

      "About a year ago I started to develop allergies to everything and had to search for all natural products in skin care, make-up and hair care. I read a top 10 all natural hair care products review and at the bottom the person writing it said, “I want to add one more at my friend's request, Calia Natural”. That peaked my interest, I looked you up and ordered a few products. I started with the shampoo and conditioner. I loved it so much that I ordered more and added the hairspray and hair gel and loved them as well. I have tried so many all natural shampoos and hairsprays and Calia Natural is by far the best there is. The hairspray has great hold and is not sticky, my hair has never felt healthier!
      I have now ordered skin care items and
       essential oils. I just ordered more! My skin has never felt or looked better. I want to try everything because I have LOVED everything. I am a die hard for Calia, my search is over. Thank you so much for the wonderful products.
      ~ Peggy"


      I wanted to write to say that I absolutely LOVE all of the products I've purchased from Calia. I bought the Purifying Shampoo and Conditioner, and WOW! It is amazing! My hair feels clean and fresh, and I no longer need to wash it as frequently. I can go up to four days without shampooing. Another benefit is I've been able to ditch the hair products and heat because this shampoo and conditioner provides my fine hair with enough bounce and vitality that I don't need to use extra "stuff" to give it added volume. Not using heat has really allowed my hair the chance to heal a bit. I've also purchased two Tek brushes and the wooden comb, and let me just say, this was also one of the best investments. I plan on purchasing the gallon sizes next. Please, please, please don't ever stop making this shampoo and conditioner. I'm hooked for life!

      ~ Victoria"

      Shop our collections here.

      Thank you for reading! 

      Randy & the Calia Crew 

      Hello Calia customers! 

      Please be advised that due to the Canada Day long weekend, all orders placed after 3 PM on Thursday, June 28 may be delayed in shipping. 

      There will be no orders shipped on Friday, June 29 through to Monday, July 2. Shipping will resume Tuesday, July 3. 

      We appreciate your understanding and wish you a lovely Canada Day weekend! 

      Thank you! 

      Randy & the Calia Crew

      Hello, Calia community!

      Your emails and notes always brighten our days! We love receiving and sharing your positive words, this is why we do what we do! Have a story to send to us? Email them here, or share on Facebook here. Thanks so much to Calia customers Veronica and Pip for these wonderful notes! 

      "I LOVE the Calia shampoo and conditioner so much. For many years I tried many brands of natural and organic shampoos in hope of finding something that works on my hair, but nothing worked on my frizzy and hard to manage hair. Well, my search is finally over! Since using Calia for more than a year, my hair is so much healthier. My curls are beautiful and shiny. I also noticed that I don't have to wash my hair as often as before. I can go four days without washing it without any problems. Thank you so much, Calia, for your wonderful products and I can't wait to tell everyone I know about them and also try your skin care range and your essential oils."

      ~ Veronica

      "I've used Calia products for nearly 3 years now, and I will never go back to conventional or drugstore hair care again. Calia makes wonderful products, that make even my bleached and dyed hair feel wonderful. The Hydrating formula has worked wonders for my dry ends without making my hair feel greasy. The Purifying Rosemary formula is also wonderful for maintaining the overall health of your scalp which is something I try to take care of since I lighten my hair. Excellent products and a must try!"

      ~ Pip

      Shop our Collections here. Happy Sunday! 

      Hello, Calia community!

      Your emails and notes never fail to make our days! We love receiving and sharing your positive words, this is why we do what we do! Have a story to send to us? Email them here, or share on Facebook here. Thanks so much to Calia customers Catalina and Sammi for these kind notes! 

      "I would like to make a review about my experience with Calia. I am really delighted with this line of products. This is my second order and I am eager to get home and see the box that arrived today with my Mix & Match Haircare bundle since I want to decide which of the shampoo formulas I want to buy in the gallon size! I am very happy with my hair ~ natural, soft, long, much healthier, and shiny! I really will not change it ever! And believe me, I've tried almost everything on the market, of all prices ranges. Calia has no comparison, it's amazing!!!"

      ~ Catalina

      "I’ve been looking for shampoo products that are good for my hair and I stumbled upon your website. I ordered a bundle of your items such as the Hydrating, Purifying, and Balancing. I just wanted to say how much I love them and I’ve noticed a complete change in my hair after just a month of using them. My hair feels completely new and healthier. I will definitely be ordering from you again. Thank you!"

      ~ Sammi 

      Thank you so much Catalina and Sammi! 

      Shop our collections here! 

      Bentonite Clay, also known as ‘Healing Clay’, has long been in use by people for its healing and soothing purposes. Filled with tons of minerals, this clay also has a natural electrical charge – which extracts bacteria and toxins from the skin’s surface and pores, resulting in fewer blemishes and alleviated skin redness. Bentonite clay can also help fight allergic reactions, calm skin infections, and speed up the healing time of wounds – pretty awesome! 

      Here at Calia, we like to add essential oils to our clay masks for that additional nourishment boost. Before adding any essential oils to your clay masks, you should always do a skin test before, to make sure your skin isn’t sensitive to them. For our DIY Clay Mask for Dry Skin, we added these essential oils:

      Lavender oil

      • Lavender oil has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties which promote healthy and youthful looking skin.

      Frankincense oil

      • Frankincense oil has powerful astringency properties, which helps to protect skin cells and reduce acne blemishes, and also to shrink the appearance of large pores, and soothe wrinkles! 

      Tea Tree oil

      • Tea Tree oil has antiseptic and antibacterial properties, which can soothe dry itchy skin and disinfect skin pores. Tea tree oil can also help clarify your skin by lifting oil and dirt out of clogged skin pores.

      You can also customize your own clay mask by adding other essential oils to target the skin problems you want to resolve. If your budget doesn’t allow for regular facials, this DIY clay mask for dry skin might just be the answer to your dry skin dreams! Bentonite clay can easily be found in your local nutrition and wellness store.

      DIY Clay Mask for your Dry Skin's Dreams!


      - 2 teaspoons bentonite clay
      - 2 teaspoons apple cider vinegar
      - 1 drop Frankincense oil
      - 1 drop Lavender oil
      - 1 drop Tea tree oil
      - Wooden Spoon (Do not use a metal spoon or bowl with your bentonite clay)


      • Combine clay and vinegar in a bowl and stir until well combined. (Tip: For a thicker mask, add an additional ½ teaspoon of clay.)
      • Add the other essential oils into the mixture
      • Apply the mask onto to clean skin while avoiding the areas around eyes and mouth.
      • Let dry for 5–15 minutes.
      • Rinse off the mask with warm water 
      • After 5-10 minutes, apply moisturizer to your skin 

      If your face turns red after you’ve rinsed the mask off, don't worry! The redness is caused by the stimulated blood flow from the clay for drawing out the toxins and impurities – hence its effectiveness as a skin care treatment.

      If you’ve tried our DIY clay mask, let us know of your experience by sharing it with us in an email or on social media! We look forward to hearing from you!  

      Introducing Calia Loyalty Club! 

      Big news folks! 

      With so many of our wonderful Calia customers having so much enthusiasm for our natural product line and the results they achieve by using them, word continues to spread about our little company. While we are growing, we are still just a small collection of passionate people making and providing you caring folks with the best products we know how to create.

      The continual support we get from you has led us to finally create a program to thank you for your wide-ranging support. So, after weeks of preparation, we’ve just introduced our Calia Loyalty Club!! Like other similar programs, it works on a collected points basis, redeemable with any purchase, anytime. You’ll get points for your purchases, captured referrals and even your birthday!

      All you have to do is create an account to get started. Already have an account? Sign in and start collecting points! 

      We love you guys and the passion you too have for high quality, natural products, and while sometimes things go a bit crazy and get overwhelming, we’ll continue to do our utmost to keep our standards high.

      Many thanks to all!!