Holiday Shipping Update!

March 26, 2018

Hello Calia customers! 

Please be advised that due to the Good Friday long weekend on Friday March 30th, all orders placed after 3 PM on Thursday, March 29th may be delayed in shipping. 

There will be no orders shipped on Friday March 30th, Saturday March 31st, Sunday April 1st, and Monday April 2nd

We appreciate your understanding and wish you a wonderful Easter! 

Thank you! 

Randy & the Calia Crew

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Get a FREE Lavender Essential Oil! 

Starting from now until the end of day Thursday, March 22, place an order worth $45 or more and get a FREE 10 ml Lavender Essential Oil* as our gift to you!

We’re offering this added value on all orders over $45 no matter what you purchase. Many of you know us for our amazing shampoo and conditioner, but did you know we also carry the finest pure essential oils too? They are not just for use in shampoo, and every household needs pure lavender, especially our popular blend!

Lavender is anti-bacterial, heals burns quickly, helps promote great sleep, and aids in quality relaxation. It's a self-care dream. Calia Lavender Oil is a blend of several different European oils which gives it it's delicate yet full-bodied aromatic fragrance.

We can't live without our Lavender Oil here at Calia, and we can't wait to share it with you! 

Shop our collections here.

*We regret we cannot accommodate requests for substitutions on the lavender 
**$45 before taxes and shipping

What is Argan Oil?

February 22, 2018







Ever since we launched our new Organic Argan Oil, we've been waiting to share with you all the amazingly versatile ways this 'liquid gold' can be used! As you will see, it is wonderful on its own but also makes a fantastic addition to our skin creams, and as a supplement to your every day Calia hair care routine. Read on to find out why our Organic Argan Oil should be a part of your all-natural beauty routine! 

What is Argan oil?

Argan Oil is a plant oil that originates from Morocco and is produced from the kernels of the Argan tree. Rich in vitamin A, C & E, antioxidants, omega-6 fatty acids and linoleic acid, Argan Oil has earned its popular nickname of “liquid gold”. Used for generations by Moroccan natives as a dietary supplement and a form of skin treatment, Argan oil contains beneficial properties for both organic hair and skin treatments.

What are the benefits of Argan Oil?

The benefits of Argan Oil are seemingly endless, but we will try to list our faves!

Argan Oil for the Skin:


  • With a high vitamin E and fat content, Argan Oil makes a wonderful moisturizer on its own. Use the oil straight on the skin, as it absorbs easily, leaving your skin feeling soft, without leaving any greasiness or irritation. Start small, or add a few drops to your favorite Calia Moisturizer.

Healing Acne:

  • In addition to vitamins, Argan Oil is also packed with antioxidants, omega-6 fatty acids, and linoleic acid. This property of Argan oil is known to aid in soothing and healing skin acne and other types of skin damage.


  • Overexposure to the sun’s UV rays - and loss of collagen - can result in wrinkles as we age. Thankfully, Argan oil contains phytosterols, which helps the skin in producing its own natural collagen! This collagen production, along with Argan Oil’s naturally high levels of vitamin E, can assist the skin with elasticity, essentially smoothing out wrinkles! All the while, the natural antioxidants present in Argan Oil also provide natural protection from the sun’s UV rays (much like our popular Sea-buckthorn oil cream).

Preventing Stretch Marks: 

  • What can’t Argan Oil do? We are happy to report on this one! Argan oil has a super high vitamin E content, which many people know can actually increase the elasticity of the skin. Rubbing Argan Oil onto the skin during pregnancy can help to reduce the likelihood of stretch marks developing postpartum. How great is that?

    As previously mentioned, your skin isn’t the only part of your body that can benefit from Argan Oil! Other benefits to your body include:

    Hair Conditioning:

    • The fatty acids and vitamin E in Argan Oil make the oil a perfect hair nourisher. Argan Oil can help to treat split ends, tame frizzy hair and make your hair softer, silkier and shinier! Try rubbing a few drops into the palms of your hands and apply to the hair’s ends. 

    Nail Strengthening:

    • Argan Oil’s softening properties are ideal for brittle nails, dry hands and that troublesome cracked hard skin on the feet. Argan Oil can help to moisturize and soften even the toughest skin, leaving your hands and feet feeling moisturized, and nails feeling strong and healthy. Use it to supplement your favorite moisturizer for a deep skin conditioning treatment.

    How do you use Argan Oil?

    With all of the amazing ways Argan Oil can benefit your natural personal care, here are a few easy ways to incorporate it! Once you start using it you’ll never go back!

    1. Face Moisturizer

    • Simply apply a few drops of Argan Oil to the skin and gently rub it in as you would with any other lotion.
    • For a boost in moisturization, you could add a few drops of Argan Oil to your favorite face mask and boost its moisturization properties.

    2. Healing Acne

    • After washing your face and patting it dry, gently apply a few drops of Argan oil to the affected areas. Repeat it twice a day to help clear up mild acne.
    3. Preventing Stretch Marks
    • During pregnancy, apply the Argan Oil to potential trouble areas. This should prevent stretch marks from developing postpartum.
    4. Hair Conditioning
    • You could either add some Argan Oil to your usual conditioner or massage a few drops into your scalp after the shower and leave it to absorb overnight.

    5. Hair Styling

    • Rub a few drops of Argan Oil together in your palm and run it through your hair, especially on the ends of your hair, to tame your frizz and give your hair shine!  

      Let us know your favorite ways to use Argan Oil by sharing on social media! Follow us on Instagram, Facebook, or on Twitter, or send us an email! 

      Shop our Organic Argan Oil here.

      Your TEK Brush Missing a Pin?

      February 18, 2018

      Ever since we teamed up with TEK brushes, we've been delighted to see the response from you to adopting their fantastically crafted wooden brushes into your natural hair care routines. 

      Many of you have written us to tell us that a wooden pin is missing, but did you know that is intentional? It's true! The design of the brush with one pin strategically missing allows for air to flow through the rubber cushion. This is for better brushing and is not a product defect! 

      However, in the case that you receive a brush with an additional missing pin, OR if you find that with use, one has fallen out or broken, TEK has provided us with extra wooden pins that can easily to be added back into the rubber cushion to restore the brush to its perfect state! 

      Also, as a word of caution, the Paddle Brush with Long Pins is extra sensitive, so be careful when using to avoid a pin disaster. 

      In case you receive a replacement pin, please refer to this easy video for instructions on how to do it.

      Get the video here.

      Got a question for us? Send it through email or on social! We love to hear from you.  

      A NEW Calia Customer Review!

      February 08, 2018

      Hello, Calia community! 

      Today we are sharing a note from Calia customer Jackie Sunday! We hope you are all having an amazing week, enjoy! 

      "I've been using Calia for about a year and a half now, after becoming more and more cautious of the ingredients in everything I use. I love that I know what I'm using when I wash my hair with Calia, and know that it's 100% safe. I've been growing out my hair for years now and it's the longest and strongest it's ever been now! I now only have to wash my hair about once a week, and that's usually only because I need to brush through it. 

      I no longer use heat to style my hair. Calia has helped me embrace and love the natural, unruly texture of my hair, which is wavy when it's long (because of the weight) and curly when it's short. Because of my hair's texture, the Hydrating Conditioner is probably my favourite (if I had to pick only one!) as well as the Hydrating L
      eave-in Conditioner. These two products help immensely with my frizz here in the midwest humidity and make my hair so soft. I also really, really love the Rose Rejuvenating Cream for these dry winter months. I can't recommend, or thank Calia enough!!

      Want to read more? Head to our Reviews page here, or visit our Website News. We love nothing more than to receive your reviews and in this spirit, we invite you to email them, or post them on our Facebook page!

      Shop our entire store here. 

      Yours naturally, 

      Randy and the Calia crew

      Holiday Shipping Update

      February 07, 2018

      Hello Calia customers! 

      Please be advised that due to the BC Family Day long weekend on Monday February 12th, all orders placed after 3 PM on Thursday, February 8th may be delayed in shipping. 

      There will be no orders shipped on Saturday February 10th, Sunday February 11th, or Monday, February 12th.

      We appreciate your understanding and wish you a wonderful long weekend! 

      Thank you! 

      Randy & the Calia Crew

      If the news of our newest skin cream wasn't enough, we are offering 10% OFF all Calia Natural products until the end of day Saturday, February 3rd! 

      Use coupon code CALIA10 at checkout! 

      Take advantage and stock up on all of your Calia favourites, PLUS try our amazing new Intensive Cream for less! 

      Shop your favourites here!

      *TEK products are not included in the sale

      NEW! Intensive Facial Cream is now available! 

      We are so excited to announce the launch of our new INTENSIVE FACIAL CREAMS! We've been holding in this news for some time, and are AT LAST ready at last to share our newest products with you! 

      Available with Rose Geranium, or completely Fragrance-Free, Calia's NEW Intensive Facial Cream is the answer to your dry skin’s dreams. Enriched with nourishing avocado and sweet almond oils for a rich, deep moisturizing that can only come from pure oils, we’ve kept our favourite sea-buckthorn oil in this formula too. This cream is the ultimate in natural skin care with the added benefit of absorbing UV-B rays due to the sea-buckthorn oil which may assist in decreasing sun damage. Use as a rich night cream or for a daily moisturizer for the face and neck.

      Rose Geranium oil not only has an incredibly magical fragrance but is well known for its astringent properties. It serves as a great addition to a facial cream as it can reduce wrinkles and nourish all skin types.

      Shop our newest skin cream here!

      Hello Calia Community! 

      We are excited to share that we have two NEW TEK Brushes just for you! Now available in Limited Quantities Only, we've added the TEK Travel Brush & Comb Set in pink, and the most luxurious brush we've ever used, the TEK Padouk Oval Wooden Brush. 

      Both of these items are crafted with the same care and attention to detail that all TEK products are made with, and we know you are going to love them! This is a Canadian Online store exclusive, and these items are available in limited quantities only. 

      Shop our new TEK items here, and get them before they're gone! 

      Yours naturally, 

      Randy & the Calia crew

      A New Calia in Review!

      January 21, 2018

      Hello, Calia community! 

      Today we are sharing a note from Calia customer Beth Richardson! We hope you are all having an amazing weekend, enjoy! 

      "Hi there, I can't tell how happy I am that I found your products!! Last year I was at the peak of initial menopause which was disastrous to my hair & skin, to say the least! 

      In a lengthy search for natural products to assist with controlling my hormones, I tried many shampoos and the sort (I tried a couple of homemade ones in there too) but with my fine hair, they all made it either limp and oily or dry and static. I read reviews of your product and one lady commented on how you saved her hair in menopause, so I thought 'Why not? I've tried everything else!'.

      All I have to say is WOW. Oh, and THANK YOU too! Your Hydrating Shampoo & Conditioner worked wonders on my hair. I purchased the Balancing Shampoo & Conditioner as well as I didn't know which would be better. I now alternate them through the week and it is such a fantastic combo. Also, my husband who always used drugstore dandruff shampoos, and complained constantly about painful pimples on his scalp, tried the Balancing Shampoo for a week and was amazed. He has been using it for about a year and no longer has dandruff OR pimples on his scalp!

      On top of it all, we love that Calia is all natural, bravo! You now have us as clients for life. Oh yeah, and I almost forgot..... my sister-in-law was staying at our house and used the Balancing Shampoo and of course, fell in love. I just ordered her some."

      Want to read more? Head to our Reviews page here, or visit our Website NewsWe love nothing more than to receive your reviews and in this spirit, we invite you to email them, or post them on our Facebook page!

      Shop our entire store here. 

      Yours naturally, 

      Randy and the Calia crew

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